We'll take a look at your genitals so your customers don't have to.


The foundation to any great brand is a solid logo, well-designed packaging, or even a friendly mascot. A healthy dose of inspiration and some good design leads the way and lets the company get a glimpse of what your company is all about.

But what happens when your design is just a little too revealing?

When a sneak peak turns into the full monty, brands can go from great to gaudy in a matter of moments. Secret breasts, buttocks and other unmentionables are accidentally created even when designers have the best of intentions.

Don’t get caught with your pants down! For a small fee you can share your design through Genitals Or Not?’s Genital Consulting service. Then our expert "Private Parts Private Eyes" will gaze into our crystal balls to determine whether your design will arouse suspicion or not. No curves are too supple, no packaging too stiff. Our team of crack consultants will uncover the naughty bits hidden in plain sight. You wouldn't want to unexpectedly expose yourself & your brand to unwanted ridicule because of your inadvertently sexual designs.

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Make sure that first impression isn’t balls.

Uncovering hidden jewels.


Size isn't everything. Accidental genitals come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and proportions. To the untrained eye, those designs you spent hours agonizing over might show something you didn't quite intend to reveal. How does your brand measure up?

Accidental Genitals

Keep your privates private.


Information travels fast. Brands need to be more protective of their junk than ever or risk getting exposed – or worse, be the butt of everyone's jokes. Our Genital Consulting Service helps you keep those sensitive and naughty bits under wraps. Because not everyone wants to look at your junk.

Genital Consulting

Media Coverage of Our Genitals (Website):

On Mishell's satire site genitalsornot.com the prudent marketing boss can send in its logo and blank check, so that later overwhelmed him no sex Shitstorm.

- wuv.de (translated from German via Google)

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